CTL Manufacturing Diagram

Atara leverages state-of-the-art T-cell manufacturing capabilities for scalable production of T-cell libraries sourced from healthy, immunologically diverse donors.

  1. EBV-specific T cells are selected and expanded from the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of immunologically diverse donors (3rd party donors) with healthy immune systems.
  2. After separating the B and T cells, the B cells are transformed into antigen presenting cells (APCs) by exposing them to EBV antigens.
  3. The T cells from this same donor are exposed to the APCs that now express the EBV antigens, stimulating T cell activation and expansion. The T cells that are unable to recognize the antigen are not activated.
  4. The activated and expanded T cells now will specifically recognize the EBV antigen.
  5. The T cells are characterized by their EBV specificity and HLA restriction profiles and cryopreserved in a library.